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Whoa, i think Kerry just left about 10 sec. What's going on?


Closing comments. Anyone have early odds on how many of Bush's 2 minutes he'll use?


What do you learn from the strong women standing by you? Bush: "Stand up straight and not scowl." Ha!


Kerry should really stop quoting the bible.


The President can feel you praying for him!


Did Bush just talk about letting companies BID for government contracts? What about Halliburton's NO-BID contracts?


Who's lobbying FOR ASSAULT rifles? Maybe we should keep an eye on them.


I agree. I don't understand why we can't pass an Assault Rifle legislation.


I don't think Bush likes to hear that his father did a better job as President.


Bush leaves another 15 sec. on the clock. Does he know how bad that looks?


Kerry's answer in short: "I will rob the rich to pay the poor."


Ok, that's now the third debate in a row that the President hasn't used his whole time to answer a question. By the way, do you think he even knows what a litmus test is?



Kerry: Raise Minimum Wage
Bush: somebody had a plan for raising the Minimum Wage that he would have voted for


Bush: "He doesn't know our borders."

Actually, to sum up Bush's whole response: nothing bad that's happened in the last four years is my fault


I love the way Bush says "vehicles"


Bush: "He voted to tax Social Security more than one time." Kerry's been in the Senate for over 20 years, is that a bad record or a good record?


Another breakdown:

Kerry: Non-Privatized Social Security
Bush: Privatized Social Security


No, Mr. President, the major problem our kids will have is the massive debt you are running up.


I see what Bush is doing...brilliant! He keeps challenging Kerry's record in the Senate and making Kerry defend it. This takes away from Kerry's chance to talk about his plans on healthcare. Nice move.


Is that vodka Bush is drinking?


Okay, I'll break down the last 4 minutes for you.

Kerry: Pro-Choice
Bush: Pro-Life

We don't need a whole question about it to know that!


Someone needs to give the President a list of words not to use in a debate:

I don't know
I'm worried


Ted Kennedy conservative, ha!


Ok, he gets by, but mostly because he must not of understood the question...he's talking about Pell grants now, oh my.


Wait, don't answer that the President hasn't answered yet.


Was that a jobs vs. machines question? What presidential candidate would pick the side of machines? (machines don't vote)


3 questions on jobs in a row.


Yup, more complaints.


Wasn't this a jobs question?


Back to flu shots, was it me or did the President imply that he was not important enough to get a flu shot?


Kerry says PLAN a lot. He needs to spend more of his time telling us about his PLAN.


Exactly, Mr. Prez, a PLAN is not a litany of complaints!


Yes, yes, Kerry, we know healthcare has been horrible under Bush, but how do you fix it?


We may have a flu epidemic because Chiron doesn't know how to manage their plants! AND we don't have enough supplemental suppliers to the US. Other countries will be ok this year.


thank you, a domestic issue


I thought we were going to get new issues this debate. This looks just like the first two debates.


The candidates arrive. Here we go!


Third and final debate -- Domestic Issues
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Recent Polls
As of 10/13/04:

Gallup Poll
Kerry 49%
Bush 48%

Rasmussen Reports
Bush 47%
Kerry 46%

USA Today
Kerry 50%
Bush 48%

Kerry 49%
Bush 48%

ABC News
Kerry 48%
Bush 48%

Recent poll data will be posted @ 7:30

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"Home ownership rate at an all time high." Isn't that because interest rates have been so low trying to stimulate the economy? Anyone worried about a real-estate bubble?


Don't you just love how Kerry says "I will kill the terrorists." Makes you feel like he's going to personally do it himself.


Nice to see Kerry didn't forget his comeback from the first debate. Oh yeah, except for the fact that we've already heard it.


Enough about the $87 Billion. By the way, which way did Kerry vote? Both for it and against it you say?


Bush: "I did the right decision." Oh, did you?


Final question already? We just spent 12 minutes talking about abortion.


OK, I have heard enough about abortion. Next topic.


Okay, I'm either getting a little tired here, or I have nothing to say on the abortion topic (other than I don't think that we should spend half the debate on it).


Somebody tell me, does anyone really base their decision for President on who they would choose to be a Supreme Court Justice?


Mr. Bush, does that mean you are FOR stem cell research or AGAINST it? You were the first to fund it, but now you have taken funding away. Where do you stand?


Is it me, or is Kerry getting all the softballs? Here, have a question on stem cells now.


Bush: "Patriot Act does not deminish your rights."

That depends on whether you think privacy is a right I guess.


"Do you want some wood?"

Good one. I think Clinton used that one first, though.


How? How? How? We want to know How. HOW are you going to reduce our dependence on foreign oil? Please, one of you, please. Please qualify ONE statement with how you are going to accomplish it.


What are the chances that either of these candidates name a non-swing state by name?


That's a pretty broad statement Mr. President. How do you know that the air is cleaner than when you took office? Any environmentalists out there? What exactly did Bush do to clean the air?


Sorry Mr. Kerry, but your Red Sox aren't winning anything.


Really Mr. President? Technology will change our future? You don't say.


Bush seems to have a hell of a time figuring out how much time he has left.


To the rich: "I will roll back your tax cut"

Isn't that just a nice way to say your going to raise their taxes?
what about what you said at 9:56?


Kerry: "Right into the camera...I will not raise your taxes."

Oh yeah, unless you're rich.


How are you going to cut the deficit?
Bush: "Make sure the congress doesn't overspend."

Oh sure, that's easy.


Consider yourself lucky. You apparently got the only tax cut ever given during a time of war.


Somebody tell me, does Bush own a whole bunch of OB-GYNs?


Government sponsored Healthcare. What is so wrong with the government finally spending some of our money on US?


Kerry plugs his website -- for the Bush backers feeling slighted after Cheney mispromoted instead of, and now Kerry gets a plug, here you go:


THE DEBT -- About time it came up.
As of right now it's:


I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to keep making fun of Bush, but did I miss something? When did Canadian drugs become deadly?


Bush. C'mon this is a debate. You don't say you are "Worried" three times in the same sentence.


Bush: The best defense is a good offense. Did you learn that working with the Rangers?


Q from audience "Why do you think we haven't been attacked since Sept. 11th?" How about --Why were we attacked in the first place?


Oh No! Is Bush going to attack Charlie Gibson!?!?


Now both candidates have compared themselves to Reagan. I don't exactly know what to make of this.


Wow, both candidates agree.
Apparently there will be no draft...thank God.


I'm just kidding with you. Really, you have to click it 10,000 times to get into the other internet. After you do that, go vote for Ralph Nader. Oh yes, and you'd also probably like to know that BTW means By The Way.


Glad to see that Bush is monitoring the "rumors on the Internets". Is there another one? Wow, just checked it out, and apparently, Al Gore built the first internet and Bush built the second. Check it out by clicking HERE


BTW, if the HERE link on the previous post doesn't work, you are not authorized for access to the other internet.


Lets see how many times Bush can say "Progress" in the first half-hour of a debate. Do you think he wants us to think he's making progress?


Bush: "That answer made me want to scowl" And your jokes make me. Now you are trying too hard, can you say flop?


Yellow cake? Was that it? Thanks for defining that term for us Kerry. I think I forgot what it means already. Oh, yeah, had something to do with nukes didn't it?


Mr. President don't you LEAD the Generals?


Bush says he wouldn't deal with Arafat because he feels "that he let our previous President down." What?


Bush should really stop saying "Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time". This is only helping Kerry. By Bush saying it, Kerry doesn't have to!


The Kerry plan is called the Bush plan?


Kerry, how about telling us HOW you are going to bring these other countries to the table?


At least Bush seems to be taking more notes while Kerry talks this time around. Is it me, or do you think he's just scribbling on that paper because his aids told him to?


Oh yes, that's right...Saddam wanted to rebuild his WMD capabilities. How could I forget?


No WMD's in Iraq...lets see how Prez Bush handles this one.


Bush: "I know why people think he changes his mind...because he does." Bush gets the first laugh out of me.


Surprise, surprise! The first question regards Kerry's flip-flopping.


Kerry and Bush take the stage.
Let the 2nd Debate Begin!

2nd Debate talking points: Jobs Report

With Job Report data coming out this morning, it is most certainly going to be one of the focal points in tonight’s debate. The big question is which candidate spins the news best for them. This morning’s report shows an employment increase of 96,000 jobs in September, however this came in quite a bit lower than the 150,000 jobs economists had predicted.

The Kerry Spin:
The 96,000 jobs added this month do not even cover the 150,000 jobs per month necessary to keep up with our expanding population. There are now 821,000 fewer jobs in this country since Bush took office. For comparison we would have needed to ADD 5.5 million jobs over his term just to cover new workers entering the market. Bush will be the first president since Herbert Hoover to lose jobs during his administration. This is in addition to the fact that 37,000 of the new jobs in September were due to government hiring, and the majority of new jobs being added are low-pay hires.

The Bush Spin:
We are making progress. We have added more than 1.7 million new jobs since September 2003. We need to continue with our current policies to continue with our recovery. Also, new jobs for September were negatively impacted by the hurricanes.

For more information click here.

Iraq Spending up to $200 billion?

Both Kerry and Edwards have thrown out the figure $200 billion as the cost of the war in Iraq. This is not entirely accurate. GAO Analysis reports that about $120 billion has been spent so far. Another approximately $54 billion has been allocated. Even if you combine the two numbers it still only totals $184 billion. Maybe they are adding both numbers together and rounding up.

Global Test?

The most spun two words coming out of the 1st debate were John Kerry’s “Global Test”. Every spinster around has offered their two cents, but what they don’t seem to do is go back and show exactly what Kerry said and let people decide for themselves. The excerpt from Kerry’s response to Lehrer’s question, “What is your position on the whole concept of preemptive war?”, is reprinted below:

"The president always has the right, and always has had the right, for preemptive strike. That was a great doctrine throughout the Cold War. And it was always one of the things we argued about with respect to arms control. No president, through all of American history, has ever ceded, and nor would I, the right to preempt in any way necessary to protect the United States of America.
But if and when you do it, Jim, you have to do it in a way that passes the test, that passes the global test where your countrymen, your people, understand fully why you‘re doing what you‘re doing and you can prove to the world that you did it for legitimate reasons. "

View the entire transcript here.

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Recent Polls
As of 10/8/04:

Gallup Poll
Kerry 49%
Bush 49%

Rasmussen Reports
Bush 48%
Kerry 46%

Kerry 47%
Bush 45%

Bush 46%
Kerry 45%

Kerry 50%
Bush 46%

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Quite Hilarious

As seen on CNBC: JibJab creators of the very funny parody of Kerry and Bush named "This Land" have now come out with a new parody of the two "Good to be in DC". Check them out here:

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